Vacation Exchange: A World of Vacation Choices

With our unique vacation exchange programs, it’s easy for owners to explore exotic destinations around the world and stay at a diverse portfolio of properties on-par with their PGA WEST® home.

  • "Quite possibly, the best time of our lives. This is the best decision we've ever made."

  • -Cori & John Kirpatrick, Seattle, WA

  • "We were able to have a 25th wedding anniversary party at the Clubhouse, where we invited 60 of our friends from Canada down and had a beautiful party by the pool."

  • -Brad & Cathy Campbell

  • "We've brought many guests to the club and their reaction is always the same - wow! It has truly exceeded our expectations in every way!"

  • -Les and Sharon Tso, Glendale, CA

  • "We can invite guests and they feel like they’re coming to our home and not a hotel."

  • -Tyler & Kim Glenn

  • "Each visit is truly luxurious. We are really pampered here. Hands down, this is the most phenomenal purchase for a second home."

  • -Beth Reisig, Washington, D.C.

  • "You don’t have to worry about any maintenance."

  • -Brad & Cathy Campbell

  • "The homes are beautifully appointed, and it turns out the service, concierge service and staff are just amazing."

  • -Tyler & Kim Glenn

  • "One of the things that really attract me to The Residence Club, was the fact is that it truly is a vacation."

  • -Tyler & Kim Glenn

  • "The gourmet kitchen, the living area – it literally lends itself very well to entertaining."

  • -Brad & Cathy Campbell